The post-diagnosis tests

Mammograms and armpit ultrasound On the afternoon of my diagnosis, we were back at the hospital for further tests. I was in a daze. I felt suddenly, overwhelmingly tired. First up, I had mammograms. It was a bit uncomfortable but didn’t hurt. Then an ultrasound of my right armpit to check whether the cancer had... Continue Reading →

The diagnosis

When we went back for the biopsy results, part of me felt sure they were going to tell me it was cancer. But it seemed overly dramatic, so I didn’t say it out loud to anyone. Paul and I sat side by side while we waited for the doctor. ‘What do you think she’ll say?’... Continue Reading →

The tests

GP appointment First stop, GP. I hadn’t seen this doctor before. She was young and friendly, quite matter-of-fact. She examined me and told me that she didn’t know what the lump was, so she was going to refer me to the breast care centre. The appointment would be within two weeks. This, in itself, was... Continue Reading →

The lump

I was getting dressed on the 29 February when I noticed a small, hard lump in my right breast, just beneath the nipple. Paul was in the room with me. ‘There’s a lump in my breast,’ I said. We both had a look and agreed I should get it looked at by the doctor. We... Continue Reading →

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