The first chemo

As Elodie turned one week old and there was no sign of her or Paul returning from Sheffield, my mum stepped in to accompany me to my first chemotherapy session. It was a big day for our family. I had to be at the hospital for 8.30am and could expect to be there for most... Continue Reading →

The longest week

Monday No day should start at 3am with the onset of labour and end twenty-two hours later with you being wheeled down a corridor to say goodbye to your newborn daughter, who is being transferred by ambulance to an intensive care unit at another hospital. But last Monday did, for me. It feels like a... Continue Reading →

The birth

Last Sunday morning, Paul drove me to the hospital for the induction of my labour. I was 34 and a half weeks pregnant, and everyone was in agreement that my baby girl was big enough to come into the world. My oncologist was hoping to start my chemotherapy treatment a few days after delivery. I... Continue Reading →

The next bit

After a bit of a break from all the appointments following the surgery, things started to pick up again. We met with an oncologist, a colleague of my surgeon (because she’s now on maternity leave) and the genetics nurse. We were given a lot of information, most of it pretty complicated. The best news was... Continue Reading →

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