The book deal

Back in April, I sent the first three chapters of my second novel to a couple of small publishers, one of which was Ipso Books. Ipso asked to see the full manuscript and then, a few months later, invited me to come in to meet them. So while I was in London for the Breast... Continue Reading →

The big birthday

On Saturday, Mum and Dad picked me up and we went to Rachel’s care home. The car was full of food and presents, and we made several trips up to the room where the party was being held. Rachel was still in bed, eating her lunch. I hoped it would be one of her better... Continue Reading →

The birthday build-up

It’s my sister’s fortieth birthday tomorrow. Paul turned forty a couple of months ago. I’m feeling old, and not just because I get stiff if I sit down for more than an hour. I’ve been busy with the children today, but now that they’ve gone to bed I’ve started to wonder what we’d be doing... Continue Reading →

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